Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

The book, which had a significant impact on Dr Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj, encourages readers to embrace vulnerability and imperfection, to live wholeheartedly and courageously. Dr Brene Brown’s book is based on her research into the notion that vulnerability is not a weakness, but an essential aspect of authentic living.

Daring GreatlyThe book guides the reader through using vulnerability to create trust and to find the courage to do what may be challenging for us, to embrace risk and uncertainty and ultimately to dare greatly.

This is an approach close to the Boardwalk Leadership co-founder’s heart. Shaheena, who we interviewed for our Summer issue issue describes working with different organisations, being drawn to entrepreneurial leaders and sense of superheroes being created: “When they present their stories, they become mythical creatures and almost invincible in the way they present themselves. It’s inspiring, but it’s also inaccessible.

Vulnerability isn’t a female trait or about putting yourself out there and being emotional. It’s about humanity and compassion and recognising that you don’t need to have all the answers. If people are confident in what they do and they know their strengths, there aren’t any problems with asking people for help.”

When teaching entrepreneurship, Shaheena would talk about the myth of superhero entrepreneurs and ask the students to consider how they present themselves and how they open up: “Asking team members for their help and suggestions is the most powerful tool; it lifts the team.”

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown was recommended by Dr Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj. The book is available at amazon.co.uk and amazon.com.





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