Positive Leaders Can Change the World – Interview with Jon Gordon

In his interview with Eszter Molnar Mills, Jon Gordon, the wide-ranging author, speaker and consultant to Fortune 500 companies as well as baseball and US football teams, discusses his ideas and principles around positive leadership. “I believe we teach what we need to learn” – Jon describes a different path to finding his niche area more »

Book Review – The Positive Organization by Robert E Quinn

In our recent interviews with Professor Kim Cameron and Michelle McQuaid both mentioned Robert E. Quinn’s The Positive Organization as a book worth reading for insight and ideas. It is not difficult to see why, as Quinn’s short book (less than 160 pages from cover to cover) is packed with ideas, examples, case studies and more »

Stakeholder management – What are family businesses doing well?

Stakeholder management – What are family businesses doing well?

Regardless of its size and nature, the growth and success of an organisation ultimately depends on the engagement and contribution of the people who, in whatever capacity, play a role in its development. In particular, it relies on the collaboration and successful interactions of the different networks of stakeholders who have an influence on its more »

The 7 questions of impactful leaders

Review of the Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier Your team sometimes just need a bit of support to shine. You can provide this support through changing your leadership approach to one of coaching. Helping people to find their own solutions is more impactful than giving advice, providing rules or direction. You can coach anytime, anywhere, more »