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The rise of the podcast in recent years has meant we now share our commute or the washing up with a massive range of experts, leaders and authors. Sometimes too much choice can be a problem, so here we recommend five of our favourites (plus a bonus one), and why we think they stand out from the crowd. We hope you try them and please let us know your recommendations!

Dose of Leadership
We like it that the guests on Richard Rierson’s interview series come from a wide range of backgrounds: as well as business leaders, Rierson finds interesting angles on leadership by talking with leaders from faith, sports and even martial arts, on a monthly basis.

Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series
Widely recommended are the in-depth interviews with business leaders that form Stanford’s popular weekly series. These roughly hour-long interviews have covered issues such as how a CEO’s role responds to growth and divergent thinking in product design. If you have less time , check out the Standford Innovation Lab podcasts, two seasons of shorter conversations covering topics such as Negotiation, Improvisation, and Crowdsourcing.
More or Less
Numbers are bandied around by politicians, scientists and journalists, and Tim Harford’s BBC radio show tackles bold claims, over-simplifications and selective reading. Tim recently looked at the rise of elected women, obesity in the UK, and Brexit economic forecasts. By the way, we thoroughly recommend Tim’s books, which are entertaining and full of interesting ideas.  
Office Hours
Presented by Daniel Pink, author of best-selling To Sell is Human, and commentator on motivation and human behaviour. Some of the most interesting business authors discuss their ideas in his podcast interviews. He also shares the Pinkcast, where he explores an idea in less than 180 seconds – so no excuse for not having enough time.

Weekly 40-60 minute interviews by Dave Ramsey, an expert on building and growing businesses, coupled with free tools and worksheets. An FBI hostage negotiator and naval captains join a roster of CEOs, authors and academics in sharing their thoughts on productivity, communication, and leadership.
This Is Your Life
Although currently on a self-described hiatus, there’s a great back catalogue in which Michael Hyatt addresses a wider range of practical topics, with titles like How to vacation like a pro, How to create great blog posts, and How to deal with a problem client. You can also find transcripts and links to further resources





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